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Dentistry Support Gives

We aren't sure how you found Dentistry Support but perhaps you knew or know our founder, Sarah Beth Herman, CEO.  You may have met her in a Dental Office or at one of the events she planned to serve your community.  Either way, we are glad you are here on this page because it is all about sharing with you a more private extension of the way Dentistry Support gives back to our community.

Every month, a portion of the proceeds of all clients enrolled in Dentistry Support goes to a charity called Basic Gives. This charity began in 2008 when Sarah Beth and her husband Devon started hosting and cooking for a large community Thanksgiving Day meal. This one meal, in this one year lead to her and her family single handedly feeding 3500+ people out of their kitchen over the course of the next 7 years (no, we aren't kidding). With all of this passion, Sarah Beth and Devon knew they could do more and also reach lives even more intimately than just food. They saw that people often resort to lives of addiction, crime, depression and more when their basic needs are not met.

Today, Basic Gives exists.  It exists so that people who need their basic needs met can get them. Every month, there is a new initiative that you can be part of by being in the audience, supporting financially, donating your time to assist, sharing on social media and even praying over. Basic Gives helps people get dental care, basic bags, dinner or lunch, school clothes, utilities, gas, groceries and so much more.

If you feel lead to donate to Basic Gives

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