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Join our LIVE Keynote every Wednesday

11:15am PST - 11:30am PST

FREE Registration below.

Learn more about how Dentistry Support, LLC TM works, what it costs, and how it integrates with dental offices nationwide.  

  • How do I join the Keynote?

    We will email you a link to the live event or you can follow us on Facebook, Linked In, or Instagram and we will be live on all three platforms.

  • What does "be a part of" mean in the keynote?

        You can WATCH our LIVE event and ask questions to learn more about Dentistry Support, LLC TM.

  • How do I register?

    Complete a registration form below, it takes just 90 seconds. 

  • What is this for? To learn more about the remote dental support available for dental offices in insurance eligibility, dental billing, phones, medical billing for dental, and credentialing. 

  • What if we can't attend but still want to know more? 
    You can schedule a call to learn more (one on one) here.

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