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Teledentistry 2.0 Replay

You have arrived at our REPLAY Page!

Thank you for joining us this past week.

Your Q+A are answered at the very bottom of this page.

You can view ALL printables from the webinar below.

This is a FREE webinar but all CE's have already been issued and no further CE's will be issued for this course as it is now over .


This webinar will cover telephone technique, scheduling etiquette for teledentistry and elective procedures as well as reviving old treatment plans that may seem stagnant.  We are excited to share with your methods to bring your practice back to life with not only teledentistry and the latest list of insurances covering but also managing ever changing dental office schedules. Join us. And learn how to keep your patients engaged and putting their dental health at the forefront of their mind, even during a pandemic.


  1. Phone and scheduling technique for teledentistry and elective procedures.

  2. How to bring back old treatment plans that may seem stagnant, with teledentistry.

  3. The most up to date information on insurances covering teledentistry.



Feel free to print and share with your fellow dental families and friends.

1.) Temporary Office Closure Checklist

Dental Office Checklist
Dental Office Temporary Closure Checklist

2.) 5 Step Teledentistry Process

5 Steps To Teledentistry

3.) Teledentistry Billing Guide

Teledentistry Billing
Teledentistry Billing

4.) Teledentistry Contact Guide

Teledentistry Communication
Teledentistry Communication

Q + A Received post-webinar.

Can you perform teledentistry with a phone voice call?

Yes, but please ask the patient to send you a picture so you have some sort of documentation of proof that the patient communicated with you and a visual of the nature of the call.

Does it count as teledentistry if an existing patient calls with a problem and they are referred?

Yes, you diagnosed and referred out.

Where can I find the printables?

Scroll up! ;)

We have had thousands of dental professionals join our webinars to date. Thank you for being one of them.

Thank you for joining us,

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Tey Armada
Tey Armada
Apr 08, 2023

Very informative, DS. Thanks!


Feb 15, 2023

thank you for this, it was very informative


Thanks for sharing - i love this!


thanks for sharing!


Feb 08, 2023

great article -- more of this amazing info, please!

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