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Case Studies

We are excited you stopped by this section of our website.  Here you will see Case Studies of the growth impact we have on our dental offices.  The data below is from real dental offices we support.  Our Monthly Success Report is provided to all of our clients here at Dentistry Support ®.  After 6 months of beta testing, we went live in April 2019.  We have gained permission to post publicly the data below from selected clients. 

Let us help you decipher what you are viewing below.  This MSR report below shows the goals set by the volume of the practice we are supporting.  When viewing payments posted, this only accounts for what Dentistry Support ® brings to the table, there is no data included for over-the-counter payments.  Also, with regard to Accounts Receivables, we only include data for 21 days of aging and greater! Check it out and if you have questions, let us know.

Dentistry Support
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