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At Dentistry Support, LLC ® we begin every meeting by reciting our Mission and Core Values. It is at the forefront of every objective we set for ourselves.  Sharing this with you allows you to see the way that we work, how we collaborate, and how we put absolutely everything we have into working in your dental office.  Get to know us, we love sharing with you more information about the inner workings of our company.  How else could you know if this was the best place for your dental practice?  We are thankful you stopped by. 


We exist to serve in complexity, bring simplicity, and provide unique accountability to dental offices nationwide.



We take ownership of our actions. We do not wait for our clients to ask for a report or send in a request of any kind.

Leading through Ambition:

We embody the spirit of leadership through ambition. Ambition for leadership, growth, knowledge, relationships, service, financial gain, and happiness.


We respect each member of our team. We respect each client we serve. We respect ourselves.


We are trustworthy, true, and undivided as a team. Our integrity is not for sale or bargain.


At Dentistry Support we understand that gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. We exercise daily gratitude to improve our mental, physical, and social well-being.

Hard work:

We realize hard work will always beat talent. At Dentistry Support, we give 110% every day. We do our very best.


We are at our best when we work together.

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