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Simplifying Everything.

Our Phone Support is unlike all of the others. We know, we called them too. We take care of After-Hours, Confirmation Calls, Continuing Care, Patient Reactivation, and follow-up on Unscheduled Treatment. Shhh, don't tell your competitor down the street but we'll even take inbound calls so your patients actually in the office get all that sweet attention from your front office team they deserve.

What are we known best for? Glad you asked. We examined everything and mastered our effectiveness in scheduling as well as when to schedule patients for the highest show-rate percentage.  Lastly, our missed call rate is 10% or less. (Did you know the industry standard for dental offices is 40%?) Yea, that is crazy.  Anywhoo... You won't be disappointed.  

You might be wondering how we do all of this. Well, we work remotely! Oh, and it is actual, live people working for your office, nothing we do is automated or robo-dialed/answered/communicated.

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