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Simplifying Everything with Dentistry Support ®

medical billing for dentistry companies

Medical Billing for Dental is our specialty. Dentistry Support ® will provide all required billing software and guides on what your office needs to provide for proper medical billing and adjudication. We will walk you through everything and make Medical Billing a breeze for your dental office. 

Medical Billing Enrollment Process

Attend 45 minute webinar for Medical Billing

Learn about pricing and software.

Enroll in Medical Billing Support

Prior to enrollment, Dentistry Support ® provides a free 45-minute webinar on Medical Billing for Dental. You and your dental team will learn a 30,000 ft view of the process, cost, and if your team is ready for this revenue-generating venture. Schedule here.

Our team is consistently reviewing industry norms on pricing and forever we will work to provide affordable medical billing for dental offices. One way we accomplish this is by providing medical billing software for your claims. We do not need to download it to your computers, our website is intuitive and submission is effortless.

Enrollment in Medical Billing Support is done online. Linked here. We encourage you to schedule a call to learn about our full support offerings.  When enrolling in multiple services we are able to combine our resources and pass those savings on to you!  


once enrolled

Go Live with Support

No Medical Billing Software Needed

Our typical onboarding time for Medical Billing Support is 10 business days.  If you are an existing client with Dentistry Support the onboarding time can be reduced to 6 business days. 

in 2018 Dentistry Support ® began designing our very own medical billing software complete with its own ability to connect with medical insurance companies to update us automatically on claim status and payment. We launched officially in 2019 and haven't looked back since. We won't take up any of your server space either. You simply use our portal through our website! The cost to use our software is $199/month per provider.

Use our portal to submit claims.

Our portal is one of a kind. When you are ready to send us the information for a patient, we guide you through every detail that is required from your dentist so we may bill properly.  We can't wait to show you!

Medical billing for dental pricing

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