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Simplifying Everything with Dentistry Support®

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Provider Credentialing is one of our many specialties here at Dentistry Support ®. Our detailed-oriented process (yes, we are a little type-A over here) will have you excited to review your monthly credentialing updates from our team. The Dentistry Support ® Credentialing team represents a crew who is dedicated to each step of the process. The steps represent a time-consuming endeavor for healthcare organizations regardless of their size or expertise.

Why choose Dentistry Support ®

  • Without accurate and timely completion of this process, providers will not be able to accept payment from the government or private insurance companies.

  • Remove the administrative burden of first-time credentialing, enrollment, fee schedule negotiation/updates, and primary source verification.

  • Remove the ongoing drain on staff time to keep these records up to date across the provider’s contracted payers.

  • Avoid the hassle of contacting university registrar offices, state boards, and hospital residency programs by utilizing our primary source verification expertise.

  • Primary Source Verification.

  • Negotiation of Fee Schedules for the top 30 codes + top 30 dental insurance companies in your demographic.

  • All credentialing-related work, outcomes, and fee schedules are uploaded directly to your dental software.

Our provider credentialing and enrollment service includes primary source verification to further reduce your organization’s administrative burden. (See below for the definition of Primary Source Verification).


Analysis of Office Needs

Enrollment + Credentialing

Primary Source Verification + Ongoing Updates

Evaluation of your dental office to determine the network status of top 30 dental insurance companies, status of updated fee schedules, data base creation and so much more. 

Dentistry Support ® establishes and maintains provider portals and digital credentialing as each commercial carrier’s technology capabilities allow. We complete all forms, generate fee schedules, and establish a game plan and expectations with your team all while providing monthly updates on statuses for your dental/medical office.

Credentialing does not stop once your dental office is established as in-network.  Reattestation, ongoing fee schedule negotiation, and updates to policies that impact your dental office require mandatory maintenance. 

Primary Source Verification

What is it?

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process by which a health plan, hospital, or dental office checks an individual provider’s reported credentials and qualifications. This crucial step not only protects the provider but also the hospital, health plan, and—more importantly—the patient.

Primary source verification of healthcare and dental providers is required to confirm that an individual possesses a valid license, certification, or registration to practice medicine. Primary sources include medical/dental school diplomas; specialty training or residency certificates; licenses to practice; registration with a medical or dental council; or any other credential required by law, regulation, or hospital policy.


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