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The Dentistry Support® Affiliate Program

Get rewarded for referring your dental friends, family, colleagues, and beyond to enroll in our remote dental office support.

As a Dentistry Support® affiliate, you receive:

a 1 time 10% commission on the first month of paid services for every new dental office that enrolls using your affiliate promo code.

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How does the Dentistry Support® Affiliate Program Work?

Dental Credentialing Company
Dental Billing Companies
Dental Insurance Verification Companies
Dental Phones Companies
Medical Billing for Dental Companies

Fill out our Affiliate Registration form and click "Apply" to sign up!


By submitting your application, you agree not to use profanity, disparaging or offensive language in your Custom Promo Code.

After you complete the online application below, Dentistry Support® will provide an email notification within 1-3 business days on average, which will include important information regarding your affiliate promo code. If approved, you’ll receive monthly emails showing data on successful enrollments.

Please note that the confirmation email may occasionally be received in your spam or promotional folders. Please add to your address book.

Feel free to share your promo code wherever your audience follows you — whether that’s Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram websites, or email. When a dental office enrolls using your affiliate link or coupon code, you’ll earn some cash. Dental offices using your coupon/discount code will also receive 5% off their first month of support.

As an affiliate of Dentistry Support®'s Affiliate program, you may be asked to give a testimonial, complete a phone call or email about the support you receive(ed) from Dentistry Support®. These are all avenues where your promo code will be used. 

Payment is made to the affiliate on the 28th day of the following month when the dental office or person enrolls in support. Payment can be made by Paypal or as a credit to a future invoice for an existing dental office client of Dentistry Support®. Invoice credit and payment methods are all posted on the same numerical date. Credit may not appear until a future month's invoice if the current month's invoice has already been processed.

Have a question about a dental office you referred that didn’t use your promo code? Don’t worry, you can send us an email so we can take a look.


Commission Fees

Dentistry Support® affiliates earn a standard percentage commission rate of 10% for all referrals who enroll in any level of dental office support when the enrolling dental office or person uses the affiliate's assigned promo code. We reserve the right to reverse commissions due to refunded payments and erroneous subscription crediting. Commissions are paid out via PayPal or as a discount on your future month of support while enrolled in Dentistry Support®. It is your responsibility to ensure your PayPal account details are accurate and up-to-date in order to receive payment.


Restrictions on Promotion

The Dentistry Support® Affiliate program is designed for affiliates to promote via their legitimate channels of influence only. Promotion via paid traffic (including any adword campaign), re-targeting, discount and/or coupon site, or any other method that in the sole discretion of Dentistry Support® is not in accordance with the letter and spirit of these terms and conditions will result in any commissions so resulting being denied and puts your continued participation in the Dentistry Support® affiliate program in jeopardy.

Prospective dental offices may not enroll in the affiliate program and receive the benefits of the Dentistry Support® Affiliate program on their own personal enrollment. 

The Dentistry Support® Affiliate Program Next Steps


Complete the Dentistry Support® Affiliate Program form below. 


Receive a follow up email providing you with your exclusive promo code.


Complete your payment profile to receive commissions when you refer a new client.


Start talking about the Dentistry Support® Affiliate Program.


Get Paid for your Referral by Dentistry Support® after a Dental Office Enrolls.

Apply to the Dentistry Support® Affiliate Program

Please take a moment to apply.

Thank you for applying!

Legal + Compliance

All affiliates must comply with all federal, state and local regulations within your jurisdiction. This includes applicable governing marketing emails (i.e. CAN-SPAM Act), and all other anti-spam laws. Dentistry Support reserves the right to suspend or remove affiliates from our affiliate program at any time, without warning. Upon termination, you agree to discontinue the use of all links, logos, banners, and promotional materials provided to you by Dentistry Support Affiliates terminated due to malicious publishing tactics will also have commissions revoked and face possible omission from the Dentistry Support network. All affiliates will be registered as 1099 contractors for tax and legal purposes. Open to all US Citizens.

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