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Dentistry Support® is your one-stop solution for all things dental administration. With a dedicated team of experts, we provide remote support for dental offices, offering a comprehensive range of services that encompass dental billing, dental insurance verification, dental phone management, medical billing for dental procedures, and credentialing.Our hallmark is simplicity, reliability, and transparency.


Dentistry Support® proudly features flat-rate pricing, ensuring that you receive uncomplicated and predictable billing, while our dedicated teams work tirelessly to streamline your dental office operations. We place the utmost importance on compliance, adhering rigorously to HIPAA and PHI regulations, as well as KYC standards to safeguard your data.


When it comes to communication, we never rely on email. Instead, we operate through our secure chat system, guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of your information.What sets us apart is our commitment to bundling services together, and tailoring our support to meet your unique needs.


At Dentistry Support®, customization is our forte, ensuring that you get precisely what your dental practice requires.But we don't stop there. Catch us live every Wednesday morning, collaborating with the dental community and providing free training sessions for dental practices. It's our way of giving back and strengthening the dental industry.Stay connected with us by subscribing to our emails or joining our vibrant online dental community. Dentistry Support®, born in 2014, was created with the dental community in mind. From our pricing structure to our unwavering dedication to fulfilling your requests, we are truly "for" the dental community. Let us partner with you to simplify your practice and enhance your success.

Meet Sarah Beth Herman

Sarah Beth Herman is a leader, educator, and servant leadership, expert. Over the last two decades, she has built multiple educational platforms, training programs, and companies supporting small to medium-sized businesses, namely in the dental community and business leadership sectors. Clients and dental offices rave about Sarah Beth’s high-energy, hospitable, and all-inclusive leadership environment. Her business acumen boasts mindset and business magic which is changing the game for businesses month after month and year over year. Her upbeat personality and accessible communication style have driven her career, attracting and retaining clients all over the nation. Sarah Beth has staked her claim in leadership through collaboration with several highly respected industry leaders in both small to medium-sized businesses and the dental industry. Her commitment to people, processes, and service sets her apart from others. For Sarah Beth, success is fueled by refusing to uphold outdated industry standards, and she holds an unparalleled drive to progress the dental industry.


As the CEO of Dentistry Support ®, she has developed processes that surpass the remote support services competition with initiatives like flat rate pricing for more predictable costs, immediate insurance verifications that come with no added costs, and phone support for dental and medical offices that leave out call counting or charging additional for an influx in call volume. She collaborates with business professionals throughout the United States to meet dental offices and businesses where they are and level them up through efficiencies in staffing and processes.

For Sarah Beth Herman her belief in creating a strong support system in the leadership sector was of the highest importance to put into action. Sarah Beth Herman is a proud alumnus of Grace Christian University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she graduated Suma Cum Laude in the seminary program with a focus on leadership and women’s ministry (completing her undergraduate).​ She is currently pursuing her Masters's Degree at Grace Christian University with graduation scheduled for late 2024.

If you would like to know more about Sarah Beth Herman you can visit her brand site:

Behind the scenes of Dentistry Support ®, you will find a c-suite of dental executives ranging from Dentists to former COOs of other DSOs and Dental companies all over the United States.  There are also a few silent partners and investors who watch intently from the sidelines as we expand and grow. We are proud of our developments and excited to continue to improve with the trust that we will exceed the expectations of every client enrolled in our Support.

Above all things, our first priority is to give thanks to Jesus Christ for His protection, support, and blessings over our clients, our incredible team, and each of their families. 

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