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Build your 3rd party brand with us

At Dentistry Support®, we've redefined the outsourcing landscape for third-party competitors, creating an unparalleled synergy in managing dental office clients. As a trailblazer in comprehensive dental support services, we have extended our expertise to fellow dental billing companies, dental phones companies, dental insurance verification firms, dental credentialing entities, and those specializing in medical billing for dental practices.

What sets us apart? We don't just handle the overflow of work; we transform the outsourcing experience. Our team becomes an indispensable extension of your services, seamlessly integrating with your operations to deliver unmatched support. We understand the intricate demands of the dental industry and have fine-tuned our approach to not only meet but exceed expectations.

By outsourcing to Dentistry Support®, you unlock a spectrum of benefits. From efficient dental billing processes to streamlined insurance verifications and credentialing, our team ensures precision and compliance at every step. Our commitment to HIPAA and PHI compliance is unwavering, and clients can trust that their sensitive data is handled with the utmost care.

Join the ranks of our satisfied partners who have built their brand with Dentistry Support®. We invite dental outsourcing companies seeking unparalleled support to schedule a call with our team. Let us showcase how our expertise not only serves the dental community but elevates the performance of third-party outsourcing teams for remote success. Dentistry Support® is not just a service; it's a transformative ally in your journey towards excellence. Contact us today and revolutionize your dental outsourcing experience.


Dental Billing

Payment posting, claim sending, claim researching, patient statements and more!

Dental Insurance

Full break down of benefits for every patient, every time. Update to any dental software of all eligibility details + our 24 hour help desk. 

Dental Phones

Your dream dental phone team. In bound, outbound, after-hours, call handling, schedule filling, and confirmations. 

Dental Credentialing

Credentialing and re-attestation. All insurances including state-funded plans.

Medical Billing for Dental 

Full medical billing for dental support

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