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Welcome to Dentistry Support®'s showcase, where we share insights from several business experts and their comprehensive evaluations of our operations.  Utilizing their cutting-edge software, Time Doctor meticulously analyzed our company's efficiencies and compliance measures. Inspecting every aspect of our performance, they've crafted two distinct articles highlighting our innovative approach as a women-owned virtual company for dental offices. We couldn't be prouder of our team and their achievements in supporting dental offices nationwide. Read more on this amazing case study by selecting one of the articles below and discover how Dentistry Support® is revolutionizing the dental industry.

Dentistry Support®'s story....

A woman-owned business dedicated to helping dental practices across the United States thrive—Dentistry Support® removes the burden of admin and accounts management from dental offices, so they can focus on treating patients. 

Dentistry Support’s fully remote team members provide a range of outsourced services including billing and posting payments, verifying medical insurance eligibility and filing claims, and phone-based customer service such as scheduling and confirming appointments. Dentistry Support® is led by Sarah Beth Herman, a 5 time CEO with over 22 years in business leadership and dentistry.,,



Revolutionizing dental practice management: Dentistry Support’s remote support services

Remote teams: The backbone of Dentistry Support

One of Dentistry Support’s key innovations lies in its utilization of remote teams. By tapping into the power of virtual collaboration, the company brings together skilled professionals to handle non-clinical tasks efficiently. 

This not only streamlines operations but also enables dental practices to access a broader talent pool without geographical constraints.

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