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frequently asked questions

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about Dentistry Support®. Whether you're a new dental office or a returning client, we've compiled this information to help you navigate through any questions you may have. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us directly through DS Connects.


HOW LONG IS ONBOARDING WITH DENTISTRY SUPPORT ®? The onboarding process is 10 business days. At enrollment, you are assigned a dedicated onboarding team. You can elect for expedited onboarding during enrollment. We follow a quick 5 steps each taking no more than 20 minutes on your part. Our onboarding is complete with remote installation, gathering of dental office vitals, expert-level training for your team and ours, and a final go-live call with your assigned remote team. You will be impressed.

HOW MUCH DOES REMOTE DENTAL OFFICE SUPPORT COST? We receive many questions regarding cost. It is best to schedule a call to discuss this. However, we can tell you, that when you enroll in full support with all three services it costs the average dental office around 3% of your revenue. (Yes, that is for all THREE services.) Plus, your dental office is not paying employment taxes, benefits, or otherwise. Oh, and Dentistry Support ® never charges a % of production or collections. We are a flat rate fee established at enrollment and locked in for 12 months.

DOES HAVING REMOTE SUPPORT REQUIRE A CONTRACT? We offer a 12-month agreement for our standard support and in full disclosure, we have a 96% retention rate with our clients. Our agreement is in place based on BAA and HIPAA requirements. For extra peace of mind, we do offer a 90-day love us or leave us period where we allow your office the opportunity to test out our support. Our company was founded in 2014 and ever since we have grown and expanded our services to include billing, insurance verification, phones, and medical billing and credentialing. We are grateful every day for the opportunity to serve our dental families remotely. Thank you for stopping by.

DO I HAVE TO HAVE ANY SPECIAL SOFTWARE OR SYSTEMS? Nope, you do not need any special software or system. Dentistry Support® works seamlessly with any dental software and any dental systems you have in place.
DOES DENTISTRY SUPPORT® REPLACE 1 OF MY EMPLOYEES? It is our recommendation that your current dental office team be utilized in a different capacity. They can now focus on increasing production and giving patients more personalized patient experience, If you have a current vacancy in your office, utilizing Dentistry Support will eliminate the need to fill that position.
IS DENTISTRY SUPPORT® OUTSOURCED DENTAL BILLING? Dentistry Support® offers outsourced dental billing services that streamline revenue management for dental practices. Our services include precise payment posting, thorough dental claims research, meticulous dental claims cleanup, and end-to-end claims submission and follow-up. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, we enhance revenue cycle management and optimize reimbursement, allowing dental practitioners to concentrate on patient care.
HOW DOES REMOTE SUPPORT WORK? Dentistry Support® provides remote support for dental practices, handling tasks like billing, scheduling, and administrative duties off-site. You enjoy real live team members doing the actual work for your office. With our support you will have 24-hour access to our team through our HIPAA compliant chat system.
ARE YOU A TECH COMPANY? Dentistry Support® is a cutting edge technology company comitted to HIPAA compliance and PHI compliance. We connect with your team through our exclusive chat system bridging the gap of communication and privacy excellently.
IS MY PRACTICE TOO SMALL FOR REMOTE SUPPORT? With Dentistry Support® No practice is too small! Dentistry Support® tailors its services to dental practices of all sizes, providing scalable solutions at any stage of business.
WHAT TASKS CAN DENTISTRY SUPPORT® HANDLE REMOTELY? Dentistry Support® can assist with a range of tasks including billing, insurance verification, scheduling, and administrative support. If it is part of your dental business, we handle it, remotely.
WHAT IS THE COST OF DENTISTRY SUPPORT®? The average dental office will collect around $60,000 per month in the United States from insurance companies. The average salary for front office managers that are trained in insurance, EOB, and accounts receivable management are paid $20/hour. The cost to the practice for this employee is over $3000/month after compensation and taxes are paid. The cost to use the Dentistry Support for Eligibility Support or Dental Billing Support will cost $1750 per month in this situation. For all bundled support and a full admin team it would cost $3,500 per month. View our bundled support page for more information.
IS REMOTE SUPPORT SECURE + HIPAA COMPLIANT? Yes, Dentistry Support® takes data security seriously, implementing robust measures to ensure HIPAA compliance and protect patient information.
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