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Simplificando Todo.

Dentistry Support ha dominado el arte de la facturación de seguros dentales. Nuestro equipo excepcional (de personas reales y vivas) procesa las reclamaciones de seguros dentales completas con radiografías, narraciones y cualquier otro archivo adjunto requerido. Este proceso perfeccionado incluye el seguimiento de reclamos de seguros antiguos (cada 14 días) que no se pagan o se pagan mal o no se procesan, así como también auditar la cuenta de cada paciente para garantizar que se completen las notas clínicas y el consentimiento. Por último, manejamos todas las autorizaciones previas y consultas de facturación de sus pacientes.

Para poner realmente la guinda en la parte superior, también contabilizamos los pagos por usted. Es literalmente tan increíble como estás pensando. Estamos en eso, dog-on-it (sí, también somos un poco sureños).

Dental Insurance Claim Sending

  • We send dental insurance claims daily (including narratives and any attachments required for adjudications) to expedite reimbursements and ensure your revenue cycle keeps moving.

Dental Claims Clean-Up

  • Our dedicated team diligently follows up on unpaid or underpaid claims, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. This begins at day 14 aging.  Our goal is to help your practice learn to keep your over 30 day aging as close to zero claims as possible. We are changing the standard for 

Ledger Auditing

  • We regularly audit your ledgers to verify that your dental office's Best Practices for billing is complete and no rendered services are missed in the billing process.

Prior Authorizations + Pre-Determination of Benefits

  • We handle prior authorizations and benefit determinations, researching and pursuing them every 30 days, with a goal to close within 6 weeks, depending on the insurance company's response time.

Payment Posting

  • We take care of posting payments including EFT, Checks, and Virtual Credit Cards, reducing administrative burdens. Our remote team utilizes real-time access spreadsheets to show progress and tasks completed.

Patient Balance Follow-Up

  • Our team manages patient balances, enhancing financial transparency and patient satisfaction.

Daily Recap Reporting

  • Never worry about what we are doing, what we have done, how many hours we are working or any other item related to our remote support. Daily you'll receive a full recap reporting on all of the tasks we take care of for your dental business. We can't wait to show you.

Are you an influencer online for the dental community?

More Benefits:

  • Real-time Access: You have immediate access to the work and spreadsheets our team actively uses, ensuring transparency and collaboration.

  • HIPAA-Compliant Communication: Connect with our team instantly through our HIPAA-compliant chat system, eliminating the need for emails, calls, or waiting on hold.

  • Dedicated Team: Enjoy the convenience of one dedicated team handling your office's billing needs.

  • Compliance Assurance: Rest easy knowing that we adhere to HIPAA, KYC (Know Your Customer), and PHI (Protected Health Information) compliance standards.

  • Dedicated Patient Billing Line: We maintain a dedicated line to record and address patient inquiries efficiently.

Free Training for Dental Offices:

We believe in supporting the dental community. That's why we offer free training for dental offices, empowering your team with the knowledge and skills needed to excel.

How We Charge:

Our mission is to be "for" the dental community, not to monopolize on it. We charge a transparent flat-rate fee tailored to your office's size and workload. No hidden costs, just a commitment to your success.

Dentistry Support® is your trusted partner in dental insurance billing. Dentists love us for a reason—click here to discover why.

How it works in your office

One of the biggest questions we get is, how does Dentistry Support® work in my actual dental office, though? You decide how much or how little, but this is exactly what it looks like. We can't wait to support your dental business.

+ claims

Your Office:

Posts procedures to the patient ledger.

Dentistry Support®

Takes over from here, using our own narratives to ensure accuracy without depending solely on the timeliness of clinical notes.

Claim(s) Processing

Your Office:

No Responsibility.

Dentistry Support®

Takes this on solo. We submit claims promptly after the procedures are posted, ensuring swift billing and reducing delays.

We are immediately tracking and anticipating the closure of each claim within 14 days.

Payment Posting

Your Office:

If on strictly EFT, no effort is required.

Dentistry Support®

Takes this on solo. We post all types of payments (check, virtual credit card and EFT) to the ledger. 

patient statements

Your Office:

If on electronic statements, no effort is required.

Dentistry Support®

Takes this on solo. We send patient statements daily with detailed notes and research as to why a balance is due. We have a dedicated billing phone line for patient calls.

Daily Recaps

Your Office:

Receives updates, allowing for easy tracking and management.

Dentistry Support®

provides daily recaps of billing activities, ensuring you are always informed about the financial status of your dental business.

claims research

Your Office:

No Responsibility.

Dentistry Support®

researches all claims every 14 days to minimize over 30 days aging, aiming for a $0 over 30 days aging balance. 

Offices with existing AR over 30 days will not be charged additional unless it exceeds 500 claims or $750k (which ever is first).


Your Office:

Will participate in our 10 day onboarding process to gain knowledge and best practices on exactly how we work. 

Dentistry Support®

will assign you your very own onboarding team.


Your Office:

Can access your team at Dentistry Support® 24/7/365 via our HIPAA compliant chat system. 

What does your team do now? 

We are glad you asked. Your team will transition to reviewing recaps, presenting treatment and keeping their focus  on the patient experience. 

They will scan checks for us and keep you updated on the performance of your office.  You may notice in the beginning a few additional exchanges of information regarding the transition to full virtual support but after that, you can set it and forget it. Dentistry Support® has your back! 

Proceso de acreditación

Análisis de Necesidades de Oficina

Inscripción + Acreditación

Verificación de fuente primaria + Actualizaciones continuas

Evaluación de su consultorio dental para determinar el estado de la red de las 30 principales compañías de seguros dentales, estado de tarifas actualizadas, creación de base de datos y mucho más. 

Dentistry Support, LLC TM establece y mantiene portales de proveedores y acreditación digital según lo permitan las capacidades tecnológicas de cada operador comercial. Completamos todos los formularios, generamos listas de tarifas, establecemos un plan de juego y expectativas con su equipo, al mismo tiempo que brindamos actualizaciones mensuales sobre los estados de su consultorio dental/médico.

La acreditación no se detiene una vez que su consultorio dental se establece como dentro de la red.  La recertificación, la negociación continua de tarifas fijas y las actualizaciones de las políticas que afectan a su consultorio dental requieren mantenimiento obligatorio._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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