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What is the Difference Between Dental Billing and Medical Billing?

In the realm of healthcare, billing is a critical component that ensures the financial health of a practice. For dental offices, navigating the complexities of billing can be a bit like deciphering a secret code.

Outsourced Dental billing

While dental procedures are primarily billed to dental insurance companies, there's a lesser-known territory to explore – medical billing for dental procedures. In this free training, we will unravel the differences between dental billing and medical billing and shed light on the advantages of having medical billing support from DENTISTRY SUPPORT®.

Dental Billing: The Basics

Dental billing encompasses the standard procedures you'd associate with routine dental care. This includes services like regular cleanings, filling cavities, and tooth extractions. These services are typically billed to dental insurance providers, and dental offices are well-versed in this aspect of billing.

Medical Billing for Dental Procedures

On the flip side, medical billing for dental procedures involves a different landscape altogether. Dental offices can bill medical insurance for certain specialized treatments and procedures that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional dental care. These may include:

1. Dental Implants and Bone Grafts

Dental implants and bone grafts, while dental in nature, can have medical implications. Medical insurance may cover these procedures under specific circumstances, such as cases where they are necessary for a patient's overall health.

2. Biopsies for Oral Cancer Screenings

Screenings and biopsies related to oral cancer fall into the medical realm. Detecting and addressing potential cancerous conditions is a vital aspect of patient care, and medical billing can come into play here.

3. TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Treatments

TMJ disorders can affect a patient's overall well-being. Medical insurance may cover treatments and procedures related to TMJ issues, making medical billing a viable option for dental offices.

4. Beyond Routine Dental Care

In essence, medical billing for dental procedures extends to cases where dental care is intricately connected to a patient's overall health and well-being. It allows dental offices to tap into medical insurance coverage to ensure comprehensive patient care.

Navigating the Complexity: The Need for Medical Billing Support

Now that we've established the differences between dental and medical billing for dental procedures, let's explore the benefits of having medical billing support from DENTISTRY SUPPORT®.

Dentistry Support

1. Expertise Matters

Coding and billing for medical procedures can be intricate and convoluted. DENTISTRY SUPPORT® boasts a team of skilled medical billing professionals who are well-versed in the complexities of medical billing for dental offices. Their expertise ensures accuracy and compliance with insurance regulations.

2. Cost-Efficiency

Many dental practices opt to hire additional staff solely for managing the billing side of their operations. While this is a necessary step for business growth, it can also be a costly overhead. By partnering with DENTISTRY SUPPORT®, you eliminate the need for additional salaries, making your practice more cost-effective.

3. Streamlined Processes

DENTISTRY SUPPORT® takes the burden of medical billing off your hands. In a bustling dental office, every team member is dedicated to providing top-notch patient care. By outsourcing medical billing to experts, you free up valuable time and resources that can be redirected towards patient-centric activities.

4. Comprehensive Solutions

DENTISTRY SUPPORT® doesn't stop at medical billing. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to all your billing needs. From patient billing services and claim submissions to dental insurance verification, we've got you covered on all fronts.

5. Patient-Centered Care

When your dental office partners with DENTISTRY SUPPORT®, you can rest assured that your team can stay focused on what matters most – your patients. Instead of investing extensive time in learning the intricacies of medical billing, your staff can rely on our experts to handle the complexities, ensuring a seamless patient experience.

Medical Billing Made Easy with DENTISTRY SUPPORT®

Maximizing returns from insurance companies is no walk in the park, especially when time and resources are limited. With DENTISTRY SUPPORT® as your trusted ally, you can expect nothing less than exceptional results in medical billing for dentists. We make it easy because we have our own billing software, a customized portal where you have instant access to your medical billing and a 24-hour helpdesk transforming your ability to get real-time support in any billing capacity.


In the ever-evolving landscape of dental care, understanding the nuances of billing is essential for the success of your practice. While dental billing is a standard practice for routine procedures, medical billing for dental procedures opens up a world of opportunities for comprehensive patient care. DENTISTRY SUPPORT® is your partner in navigating these complexities, offering expertise, cost-efficiency, and streamlined processes to ensure your dental practice thrives. Spend less time on billing and more on what truly matters – your patients. Contact DENTISTRY SUPPORT® today to explore how we can elevate your dental practice. Learn more about the extensive remote dental office support we offer and take the first step towards a more efficient and patient-centric approach to dental billing.


Dentistry Support


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