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Yea, we thought you would ask. Our team works entirely remotely for your dental office(s). When you partner with Dentistry Support ®, it's like getting 3+ individual employees and not having to say "Are you doing _____?" or " Have you done _______?" Better yet, it's like hiring 3+ employees you did not have to interview, you do not have to pay taxes on and you do not have to provide benefits for.  Pretty cool so far? How about full reporting daily on what we do? For example, if we say we called and scheduled an appointment, we literally give you the date, time, recording of the call, and recap so you can trust but verify our every move for your dental office. It's like we are the most accountable company ever because if we don't perform, you know about it because we have tattled on ourselves in our daily reporting.

Most importantly, we are part of your team. This means we never want to be treated as a third-party company because that means we will never have synergy.  We communicate with you daily via our HIPAA-compliant app and it's pretty incredible. Get to know us and trust that we are here to support you. We love dentistry, your practice, and better yet, your patients. We cannot wait to fulfill your business dreams with you!!

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