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COVID-19 Dental Office Survival Guide

There are so many places you can visit to learn what to do right now, we want to be that resource. This page will include both advice for Dental Offices, Employees and Patients. We hope you find this helpful. You can also visit our latest blog on specific details of what you can do if your office is still seeing any patients.



You may find your dental office is closed. They will reopen. However, if you have pain or swelling, call them. They can still speak with you and provide tele-dentistry along with the option to see you for non-elective procedures. For now, your regular cleaning will have to wait. Rest assured, they will reopen and they are praying for your return to help their business grow.



Your Dentist does not want to close their doors, I promise. However, if they had to make this tough and terrifying decision, please be kind. If they are not able to cover your wages, here are helpful links and tips on what you can do.

Healthcare Continuation Ask your employer if they would be willing to continue these benefits (if you currently have them).

Ask for Reduced Hours Rather than just accept the lay off, try to be a resource for your employer and offer to do things that help your dental office continue to grow and prepare for reopen (see below for activities).

Confirm with your employer in writing that they won't contest unemployment. Do not be afraid to ask for this in writing, this will help you down the road and your Dentist will likely help with this.

File for Unemployment Your state website may be bogged down. Be patient, this will be the hard part. Keep trying and visit those websites during non-peak hours such as early morning (before 5am).


Dental Offices

First, we are so sad you had to close but we completely understand your reasoning. This was a hard decision and you did what is best for your patients and team. We are praying for you and trusting you will reopen and be stronger than ever. We will cheer with you the day you reopen! Stay positive. All of us small businesses need to rally together and we are rooting for you.

Here are some of the things we are doing for our existing clients. Feel free to share these ideas as they may save your staff during this tough time.


Helpful Links:

CDC Corona Virus Update Page: Link

American Dental Association Current COVID-19 Information: Link

Academy of General Dentistry COVID-19 Resources: Link

Live Coronavirus Numbers (Worldwide): Link

USA Government Coronavirus Update Page: Link


We are taking on new clients right now and our onboarding process is typically 10 full business days. We would be honored to get your practice ready to go live by the time you reopen. Please visit our onboarding page and enroll today. If your office is closed, now is the perfect time so we can prepare your office for excellence when you reopen. Our average flat rate fee is 1-5%-2.5% or less of your total production. We never close, we work 100% remotely for your dental office.

Thank you for your time, stay healthy,

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Tey Armada
Tey Armada
Mar 21, 2023

Thanks, DS, for caring to share this helpful blog during that difficult time of the pandemic.




Feb 23, 2023

thank you for this helped alot with covid around


This is so informative - love it!


this is so good

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