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Billing Missed Dental Appointments D9986 and D9987

Sometimes we need to see from a different vantage point.

Are you billing out for the D9986 or D9987? Have you talked with your team about it? Do you accept Medicaid? Do you accept PPO plans? Do you charge missed appointment fees?

So many questions. So many things to ponderWhen all dental offices start billing dental insurance for ALL the things they are doing, we will see traction like you cannot imagine.  I know this sounds crazy but consistency is everything. Make a habit out of how you bill Dental Insurance. If you bill for missed appointments, bill this on every claim to every dental insurance. We are seeing about 5%-15% of all of our D9986 and D9987 being paid.  Yes, we bill a lot of these so that number is little, right now.  When insurances see more and more claim submissions for codes, these go into consideration for future eligible covered services. Do not forget why you should be paid for every service.  Do not be jaded by what a past Office Manager or "expert biller" tells you.  When in doubt, bill it out. 

Last but not least, if you accept Medicaid or Medicare, your patients missing their appointments can disqualify them for coverage.  Report habitual offenders and save your dental practice time and money. 

Yes, we advocate for the patient, yes, we believe every patient deserves the best patient care possible but we also know that Dental Offices all over the United States are consumed with at least 2-10 missed appointments per week (more depending on the volume).  What if you received $50 for just one of those each month from an insurance company? This would mean $600/year.

Think about it. Questions, please email me directly,


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