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Expand your Dental Office for Less Payroll

First thing's first, as business owners we embrace the rising costs of taxes, payroll and every other expense coming our way with pure class. Maybe not all of us, but I promise we all embrace it with a fierce drive to change it. Dental Offices today are seen as "money hungry" and feared because they "charge too much." If only our shaming audiences could see we are struggling to right size P&L's just as much, if not more, than every other business out there, boy would they see different?! Can we get an "amen"? What if we could change those payroll percentages?

With each ever rising cost we [Dentistry Support] have developed plans to help your Dental Office minimize costs while still growing your practice. The average cost of a dental biller or front office team member ranges from $16-$25 per hour ($2,560-$4,000 per year). This cost is for just one person, in one position.

Dentistry Support now offers remote support for dental offices covering three dental positions for less than 2% of your total revenue (in most cases). Services include Dental Billing, Dental Eligibility Verification and Dental Appointment Confirmations/Scheduling.

Each service is fully customized to your dental offices needs through the detailed onboarding process for each office. The onboarding process follows 5 simple steps covering every important best practice your office already has in place. Your office is easily migrated with Dentistry Support to expand your reach, improve your billing and impress even your accountant with the P&L growth.

If you are a dental practice with goals of growing or a lack of hire-able talent in your area to fill these positions/roles in your office, give us a try. We come with a 90 day trial period where you get to learn all the ways we fit perfectly into your dental practice. Schedule a call today! We look forward to supporting your dental practice to thrive.

P.S. We totally know you have those incredible patients who support you and bring home baked goods each week to your every friendly front office. Cheers to each of you who are crushing it ever day with the incredible customer service that keeps your patients referring and coming back.

Happy to Help,

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