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What is Dental Billing?

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Billing may not sound like an Olympic sport, but for the most successful dental practices, it's a thrilling team game!

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Picture this: the clinical team, the doctor, and the dental administrator, all rallying together to collect the money they're owed from those cunning insurance companies. It's a dance of clinical notes, radiographs, periodontal charting, and a whole lot of "etc, etc." - all choreographed to perfection, resulting in a clean claim that earns timely reimbursement.

Now, hold on to your floss, because we're diving deep into the world of dental billing in this post! Dental billing is like a labyrinth of codes, forms, and insurance jargon. It's like navigating through a dental maze, but fear not - we're here to be your billing GPS and guide you through every twist and turn.

At the heart of it, dental billing is about securing that sweet, sweet payment for the dental services provided to patients. Whether we're submitting claims to insurance companies, government programs, or even the patients themselves, we've got to stay on top of it all. This isn't just a walk in the park; it's more like a thrilling rollercoaster ride, filled with complex coding and meticulous documentation. But hey, fear not! We're armed with the knowledge of insurance plans, government programs, and all those billing regulations to ensure we hit the bullseye with every claim.

And why does this billing extravaganza matter so much, you ask? Well, it's the backbone of your practice's cash flow, my friend! We're talking about maximizing revenue and dancing in sync with the law to stay compliant. If this was a dance-off, we'd be the ones dazzling the judges with our slick moves and winning smiles.

So buckle up and prepare for a wild ride, because, in this free training, we're uncovering all the secrets behind dental billing. From decoding those mysterious CDT codes to pre-collecting patient portions - we've got you covered! And oh, if you think verifying claim information is a piece of cake, it is, if done properly! It's all about nailing those subscriber details, insurance info, and the specifics that line your practice up for the perfect home run of providing dentistry. Simple mistakes or a vear off to the left when you should have gone right, create accidents waiting to happen.

So let's embark on this billing adventure together, my fellow dental enthusiasts. Grab your dental loupes and brace yourself for this free training in dental billing you've never seen! We'll have you billing like a boss in no time, leaving no room for superfluous insurance denials or annoying payment delays. Get ready to shine and conquer the dental billing arena!

Dentistry Support

Why is dental billing important, you may ask? Well, picture this - with nearly 65% of dental practices embracing dental insurance and over half of the adult population in the United States utilizing it, dental insurance billing becomes the heartbeat of a dental practice's revenue cycle management. And here's the jaw-dropping part: on average, practices lose a whopping 9% of collectible revenue due to missed dental billing processes. Now, that's a hole in the pocket we can't ignore, no matter the size of the practice!

So, let's sink our teeth into why dental billing is an absolute game-changer:


We all love getting paid for our hard work, right? Dental insurance billing is the key to unlocking that treasure chest of reimbursement for the stellar services provided. Proper billing ensures you receive payment for the full value of your dental wizardry, securing the financial stability and success of your practice.


Record Keeping

Patient Satisfaction

Now, here's the secret sauce - having a remote billing team in your corner! Say hello to Dentistry Support - your ultimate dental billing ally. We're not just the leading platform for dental insurance billing, but we have the largest network of billing specialists who know dental insurance billing processes like the back of their hand, even upside down! With us by your side, you'll enjoy increased cash flow, more time for patient care, and zero revenue cycle management disruptions. And flat rate pricing... That's right, we do not charge a %of collections! So no more chasing lost coins or facing billing nightmares - just smooth sailing all the way!

Dentistry Support

Is dental billing a walk in the park? Not quite! Let's face it - dental billing can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride. It's like a maze of complex rules, codes, and regulations that demand attention to the finest detail. If you're not careful, those pesky coding errors and incomplete documentation can lead to denied claims or reduced reimbursement. Oh, the horror!

Especially for practices juggling a hefty load of billing on a daily, it can feel like a never-ending puzzle that demands precious time and effort. But hey, fear not! We're here to reveal the silver lining.

With the right tools and resources, dental insurance billing can transform from a hair-pulling headache to a smooth operation. Imagine having specialized software that automates those tedious billing tasks, leaving you with fewer chances for errors and more time for the important stuff - patient care!

Your key to making dental billing "not as hard as it seems" is to let the pros take the wheel and navigate the complexities for you. With a remote team of Dentistry Support who complete expert training, you can bid adieu to billing nightmares and sail through the process with ease. So, is dental billing hard? Well, yes, it can be, but with the right resources and a savvy approach, you'll find yourself mastering the art of dental billing in no time. Get ready to conquer the challenges and unlock the potential of a seamless billing journey!

Dentistry Support

What sets medical billing and dental billing apart? While both involve submitting and tracking claims for healthcare services, they each have their unique twists and turns. Let's dive into the key differences:

Services Covered: Medical billing spans a vast spectrum, including inpatient and outpatient procedures, diagnostic tests, and prescription drugs. Dental billing, on the other hand, is exclusively for dental procedures, like cleanings, fillings, extractions, and the art of crafting a perfect smile.

Coding Systems: Codes are the secret language of billing, but the dialects differ. Medical billing relies on the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes, while dental billing boasts its own codebook called Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes. Each code unlocks a treasure chest of information about the services provided.

Reimbursement: Ah, the ultimate payday! The way medical and dental billing get paid can vary, depending on the insurance company and the patient's coverage. In general, medical insurance tends to offer broader coverage and higher reimbursement levels compared to dental insurance.

Regulations: Like parallel universes, medical and dental billing abide by different sets of rules. Medical billing is under the watchful eye of the Affordable Care Act and other federal laws, while dental billing operates under its own unique regulations.

All of that to say, while medical and dental billing share some similarities, they lead separate lives with distinct services covered, coding systems, reimbursement processes, claims handling, and regulations. It's like two fascinating worlds with their own customs and traditions - united by billing but distinct in every other way!

Dentistry Support

Welcome to the thrilling world of dental billing! So, what exactly goes on in this captivating realm? Allow me to unveil the magic that happens behind the scenes:

  1. Pre-authorization: Picture this as your golden ticket to seamless billing. We work our charm to obtain pre-authorization from insurance companies or government programs for specific procedures. It's like ensuring a smooth journey right from the start.

  2. Documentation: Precision is the name of the game! We meticulously document all the services provided, leaving no detail behind. From patient information to diagnosis codes and procedures performed, our records are a work of art.

  3. Coding: Here's where the secret language comes into play. Armed with the power of Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes, we decode and assign the perfect codes to each service rendered, like seasoned cryptographers.

  4. Claims Preparation: Ready, set, go! It's time to unleash those claims into the world. We prepare and submit them to insurance companies, government programs, or even directly to the patients. Electronic billing systems, paper claims, or online portals - we've got it all covered!

  5. Follow-up: Persistence pays off! We don our detective hats to track the status of each claim, ensuring they reach their destination. Whether it's peeking into electronic billing systems or making those charming phone calls, we'll stop at nothing to ensure payment is received.

  6. Payment Posting: Cha-ching! The sound of success echoes as we record the payments received from insurance companies, government programs, or our beloved patients. Our electronic billing systems and trusty ledgers hold the key to our treasure trove.

  7. Accounts Receivable Management: Ever the vigilant watchmen, we keep a close eye on accounts receivable. If any payments go astray, we unleash our charm to pursue those missing treasures from insurance companies, government programs, or even our dear patients.

In a nutshell, dental billing is a delightful dance of documenting, coding, and claiming our rightful dues. From start to finish, we ensure a smooth journey for every claim, paving the way for a prosperous dental practice. So, rest assured, with our dental billing prowess, your practice will be riding high on a wave of success!

Dentistry Support

At its core, dental coding is like the master storyteller of your dental practice. It's the process of assigning special codes, known as Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes, to describe the incredible services provided to your valued patients. These codes, carefully maintained by the American Dental Association (ADA), hold the key to unlocking a treasure trove of information about each service.

Picture this - dental coding creates a symphony of standardized and detailed descriptions of the services rendered, like a maestro composing a masterpiece. These enchanting codes are then used by insurance companies, government programs, and other healthcare entities to determine the rightful reimbursement for the services. It's like revealing the secrets to those who hold the purse strings!

Now, here's the real magic - accurate and complete coding is the key to a smooth billing journey. It's like the foundation of a strong fortress, protecting your practice from denied claims, reduced reimbursement, and even compliance issues. With a strong understanding of the CDT codes and the services they represent, combined with a thorough knowledge of your patient's medical history, we ensure a flawless performance.

In a nutshell, dental coding is the heartbeat of the billing process in your dental practice. It's the language that speaks to insurance companies and government programs, ensuring the correct amount of payment for the outstanding services you provide. With its intricate details and precision, dental coding paves the way for billing success and keeps your practice shining like a bright star in the dental galaxy!

Dentistry Support

Stay Informed: Keep your finger on the pulse of changes in regulations and insurance policies. Stay updated through continuing education courses, industry publications, or consult with specialists. Being in the know ensures smooth sailing through the billing process.

  1. Embrace Remote Billers: Level up your billing game with Dentistry Support. This will put your dental billing on autopilot for routine tasks and reduce errors, making billing a breeze. You wont be worried about turn over or added expenses.

  2. Document with Precision: The devil is in the details! Maintain thorough and accurate records. Keep patient information up-to-date, document all services provided, and promptly follow up on claim statuses. A robust record-keeping system ensures a seamless billing journey and minimizes the risk of denied claims.

  3. Verify Claim Information: Double-check for accuracy! From subscriber details to insurance info and CDT codes, ensure every piece of claim information is on point. Avoid unnecessary delays and superfluous denials.

  4. Optimize Accounts Receivable: Keep an eagle eye on accounts receivable and pursue payments diligently. Monitor outstanding claims and follow up with insurance companies, government programs, or patients as needed.

In conclusion, by following these simple and effective best practices, dental practices can achieve billing excellence. Stay informed, utilize specialized tools, maintain impeccable records, verify claim information, and optimize accounts receivable for a smooth and successful billing journey. Your dental practice will be on its way to maximizing revenue and achieving billing mastery!


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