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Thank you for wanting to reach out to us. We know it is not easy to make a change but we also trust that it is necessary for growth and expansion. We aspire to disrupt the dental world by our footprint of excellence and grace in all ways. Talk to you soon!

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Ready to enroll?

On-boarding with Dentistry Support is a breeze. The link below will take you to our form. It is pretty thorough and we need to be.  Our goal is to ask once for all of the information and then you can set us in place, forever! You are welcome to view the form in advance to gather all pertinent information ahead of time. Setting great expectations, it will take you about 30 minutes to complete.


The Answers You Need


The on-boarding process is 10 business days. During this time we gather important data regarding your dental practice, install remote access, complete a video conference call, training sessions and so much more. You will be impressed.


We have so many questions on this. It is best to schedule a call to discuss. However, we can tell you, when you enroll in full support with all three services it costs the average dental office less than $6.50/hour (It's actually way less than this when you include all of the hours we actually work for you). Plus, you do not pay employment taxes, benefits or otherwise. We are a vendor and yes you get three of our employees, each who specializes in their area of support for your dental office. Oh, and we never charge a % of collections, production or otherwise.


We offer a 12-month agreement and in full disclosure, we have a 96% retention rate of our clients. Our company was founded in 2014 and took off without looking back in early 2017. We are proud of each office, and even more so, we are thankful! For extra peace of mind, we do offer a 90 day grace period where we allow your office the opportunity to leave us or love us.  

Corporate Headquarters in: Beverly Hills, CA + AZ

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