Thank you for connecting. We know hiring a remote dental support team is a big change but necessary for your dental office's growth and expansion. We aspire to disrupt the dental world with our footprint of excellence and grace in dental billing, insurance verification, and phone handling. Talk to you soon!

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Mail: P.O. Box 1653 Queen Creek, Arizona 85142

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Dentistry Eligibility
Dental AR and Billing Support


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Onboarding with Dentistry Support ™ is a breeze. The link below will take you to our form. It is pretty thorough and we need to be.  Our goal is to ask once for all of the information and then you can set us in place, forever! You are welcome to view the form in advance to gather all pertinent information ahead of time. Setting great expectations this will take you about 15 minutes to complete.


The onboarding process is 10 business days. At enrollment, you are assigned a dedicated onboarding team. You can elect for expedited onboarding during enrollment. We follow a quick 5 steps each taking no more than 20 minutes on your part. Our onboarding is complete with remote installation, gathering of dental office vitals, expert-level training for your team and ours, and a final go-live call with your assigned remote tea. You will be impressed.


We receive many questions regarding cost. It is best to schedule a call to discuss this. However, we can tell you, that when you enroll in full support with all three services it costs the average dental office around 3% of your revenue. (Yes, that is for all THREE services.) Plus, your dental office is not paying employment taxes, benefits, or otherwise. Oh, and Dentistry never charges a % of production or collections. We are a flat rate fee established at enrollment and locked in for 12 months. 


We offer a 12-month agreement and in full disclosure, we have a 96% retention rate with our clients. Our agreement is in place based on BAA and HIPAA requirements. For extra peace of mind, we do offer a 90-day grace period where we allow your office the opportunity to leave us or love us at the beginning of our 12-month Support Agreement.  Our company was founded in 2014 and ever since we have grown and expanded our services to include billing, insurance verification, phones, and medical billing. We are grateful every day for the opportunity to serve our dental families remotely. Thank you for stopping by.  

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