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Teledentistry 2.0

The webinar is open for registration now.


FREE CE's (2) Pace Approved [from the Academy of General dentistry]

FREE printables/shareables regarding teledentistry

FREE checklists for your team

Click any picture or any link and it will bring you right to the registration page.


This webinar will cover telephone technique, scheduling etiquette for teledentistry and elective procedures as well as reviving old treatment plans that may seem stagnant.  We are excited to share with your methods to bring your practice back to life with not only teledentistry and the latest list of insurances covering but also managing ever changing dental office schedules. Join us. And learn how to keep your patients engaged and putting their dental health at the forefront of their mind, even during a pandemic.


  1. Phone and scheduling technique for teledentistry and elective procedures.

  2. How to bring back old treatment plans that may seem stagnant, with teledentistry.

  3. The most up to date information on insurances covering teledentistry.

We had thousands of people join our last FREE Webinar. Join us again! You wont want to miss this.

We hope to see you there,

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