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The Gold Standard in Dentistry

In the realm of dentistry, one name shines brightly as an embodiment of excellence and unwavering commitment to community care: Southridge Dental of Kennewick, Washington. Their recent accolade, "The Gold Standard in Dentistry," is a testament to their exceptional patient experiences and community support.

The Gold Standard in Dentistry

Central to their success is their collaboration with Dentistry Support, a remote company that specializes in a range of dental support services. However, behind this success story lies a passionate leader, Krissy Andres, the Chief Operating Officer and Dr. Simper the founder of Southridge Dental, who drive the integration of culture, grace, and collaboration throughout the organization.

Krissy Andres, with her passion and leadership, stands as a driving force behind Southridge Dental's commitment to excellence. With every mission she spearheads, Krissy ensures that the core values of the company are upheld. From integrating seamless partnerships with dental support entities like Scheduling Institute, Dentistry Support, and Dentistry Support Academy, to fostering a culture of togetherness, Krissy's dedication is the bedrock of Southridge Dental's success.

At the heart of Southridge Dental's achievements is their unique approach to collaboration. Their partnerships extend beyond the conventional boundaries of dentistry, showcasing a mindset of breaking ceilings and pushing boundaries. Their association with Dentistry Support, for instance, has not only streamlined operations but has also paved the way for elevating patient experiences. Krissy's leadership shines through as she masterfully orchestrates these partnerships to enhance the overall dental care journey.

The company's foundation is built upon the values of unity and collaboration. Their unwavering commitment to being "mindset makers" ensures that there are no limits they can't break through. This ethos is not just about providing exceptional dental care but also fostering an environment that nurtures growth, innovation, and community upliftment.

Southridge Dental's journey is marked by the remarkable awards they've earned, including the coveted titles at the Tri-Cities Best of 2023 awards: "Best Dentist," "Best Cosmetic Dentist," "Best Customer Service," and "Best Place to Work." These accolades are a testament to the holistic approach they've adopted under Krissy and Dr. Simper's guidance – one that focuses not only on dental care but also on building an inclusive and empowering workplace.

Furthermore, the entire team at Southridge Dental embodies the company's commitment to community care. Southridge Dental's goal of contributing $15,000 to their community exemplifies their ethos of giving back. Their all in clusive passionate leadership serves as an inspiration to the entire community, fueling their drive to make a positive impact beyond dental treatment.

Another remarkable aspect of Southridge Dental's journey is their exceptional growth. Over the span of just six years, the company has achieved a staggering 591% growth rate. From their humble beginnings, they've now expanded to include four dentists, thirteen operatories, and a team of thirty-one dedicated employees. This growth speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence and the trust they've earned within their community.

Central to this success is more on Dr. Simper, the founder and owner of Southridge Dental. Known for his exemplary leadership, Dr. Simper's daily routine includes personally connecting with each employee, offering his support, and expressing gratitude for their hard work. His humility and kindness make him not just an outstanding dentist but also an exceptional leader who sets the tone for the entire team. Dr. Simper is known to never let a day go by without the question "What can I do for you today?" "How can I help you?" "Do you need anything" and ending each day by thanking each employee one on one.

Southridge Dental's journey to becoming "The Gold Standard in Dentistry" is a testament to their collaborative excellence, exceptional patient care, and passion-driven leadership. Their collaborations with partners like Dentistry Support and their focus on breaking ceilings demonstrate a commitment to redefining industry standards. With a strong foundation built on togetherness and limitless mindsets, Southridge Dental is not only revolutionizing dental care but also shaping a better future for their community.

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