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2024 Dental Code Narratives (Updates)

Updated: May 29

If you love and use our existing Narratives (our viral free training), then you'll be excited about this new update.

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Over the past three years, numerous new codes have been added to the ADA's official list of Dental Codes. We've listened to your requests, and below you'll find all the updated codes along with narrative templates. These have been meticulously organized by category to streamline the process of submitting claims to dental insurance companies.

Please note that while these narratives are designed to assist with the latest code additions, they do not guarantee payment. They serve as a helpful guide for new hires in the dental office and should not be considered financial or legal advice. If you have any requests or need additional templates, feel free to chat with us at any time. For a complete list of our initial narratives, you can always visit our free training link here.

Diagnostic (D0100-D0999)

D0396 – 3D Printing of a 3D Surface Scan

A 3D surface scan was performed to create a detailed and accurate 3D printed model of the patient's dental structures. This model is critical for diagnostic and treatment planning, providing a precise representation of the patient’s oral anatomy, which is essential for accurate diagnosis and planning of complex dental procedures.

Preventive (D1000-D1999)

D1301 – Immunization Counseling

Provided immunization counseling to educate the patient on the importance of immunizations in preventing oral and systemic diseases. This counseling is essential to mitigate the risk of disease transmission and to maintain overall oral health, particularly in immunocompromised patients or those at high risk for specific infections.

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D2976 – Band Stabilization – Per Tooth

Performed band stabilization on tooth [tooth number] to ensure proper alignment and support during the restorative process. This stabilization is necessary to maintain the tooth’s position, preventing movement that could compromise the accuracy and longevity of the dental restoration.

D2989 – Excavation of a Tooth Resulting in the Determination of Non-Restorability

Excavated tooth [tooth number] to assess decay and structural damage. Upon thorough evaluation and removal of decayed material, it was determined that the tooth is non-restorable. This diagnosis is critical for determining the appropriate treatment plan, such as extraction or replacement.

D2991 – Application of Hydroxyapatite Regeneration Medicament – Per Tooth

Applied hydroxyapatite regeneration medicament to tooth [tooth number] to enhance the regeneration of enamel and dentin. This application is medically necessary to strengthen the tooth structure and protect it from further decay, aiding in the overall restorative plan.

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D3911 – Intraorifice Barrier

Placed an intraorifice barrier in tooth [tooth number] as part of the endodontic therapy to ensure endodontic success and protect the tooth until the final restoration can be placed. This barrier is necessary to prevent contamination and ensure the integrity of the endodontic treatment.

D3921 – Decoronation or Submergence of an Erupted Tooth

Performed decoronation on tooth [tooth number], intentionally removing the coronal tooth structure to preserve the root and surrounding bone. This procedure is necessary to maintain alveolar bone height for future dental treatments, such as implants or prosthetics.

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D4240 – Gingival Flap Procedure, Including Root Planing – Four or More Contiguous Teeth or Tooth Bound Spaces Per Quadrant

Performed a gingival flap procedure, including root planing, on four or more contiguous teeth or tooth-bound spaces in the specified quadrant. This procedure is medically necessary to access and remove subgingival calculus and diseased tissue, promoting periodontal health and preventing further periodontal disease progression.

D4241 – Gingival Flap Procedure, Including Root Planing – One to Three Contiguous Teeth or Tooth Bound Spaces Per Quadrant

Performed a gingival flap procedure, including root planing, on one to three contiguous teeth or tooth-bound spaces in the specified quadrant. This intervention is essential to remove deep-seated plaque and calculus, which are inaccessible through non-surgical means, thereby improving periodontal health and preventing disease advancement.

D4266 – Guided Tissue Regeneration, Natural Teeth – Resorbable Barrier, Per Site

Conducted guided tissue regeneration using a resorbable barrier at the specified site to regenerate lost periodontal structures. This procedure is critical for restoring lost bone and supporting tissues, which is necessary to stabilize the tooth and prevent further periodontal destruction.

D4267 – Guided Tissue Regeneration, Natural Teeth – Non-Resorbable Barrier, Per Site (Includes Membrane Removal)

Performed guided tissue regeneration using a non-resorbable barrier at the specified site. This procedure is necessary for regenerating periodontal structures, and the barrier placement and removal are crucial steps to ensure the success of tissue regeneration and prevent further periodontal damage.

D4355 – Full Mouth Debridement to Enable a Comprehensive Oral Periodontal Evaluation and Diagnosis on a Subsequent Visit

Completed a full mouth debridement to remove extensive plaque and tartar buildup, which is necessary to facilitate a comprehensive oral and periodontal evaluation. This procedure is essential for diagnosing and planning appropriate treatment for periodontal disease.

D4921 – Gingival Irrigation with a Medicinal Agent – Per Quadrant

Performed gingival irrigation with a medicinal agent in the specified quadrant to reduce inflammation and bacterial load. This treatment is medically necessary to manage periodontal infections and promote healing of the gingival tissues.

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D5227 – Immediate Maxillary Partial Denture - Flexible Base (Including Any Clasps, Rests, and Teeth)

Fabricated and placed an immediate maxillary partial denture with a flexible base. This appliance is essential for restoring masticatory function and aesthetics immediately post-extraction, ensuring patient comfort and oral function.

D5228 – Immediate Mandibular Partial Denture - Flexible Base (Including Any Clasps, Rests, and Teeth)

Fabricated and placed an immediate mandibular partial denture with a flexible base. This denture is critical for restoring chewing ability and aesthetics immediately after extractions, ensuring patient comfort and oral functionality.

D5725 – Rebase Hybrid Prosthesis

Rebased the patient's hybrid prosthesis by replacing the base material connected to the framework. This procedure is necessary to improve the fit and function of the prosthesis, ensuring patient comfort and effective oral rehabilitation.

D5765 – Soft Liner for Complete or Partial Removable Denture – Indirect

Placed a soft liner in the patient's complete or partial removable denture to enhance comfort and fit. This procedure is clinically indicated to provide cushioning and improve the adaptation of the denture to the patient's mucosal tissues.

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D6089 – Accessing and Retorquing Loose Implant Screw – Per Screw

Accessed and retorqued a loose implant screw to the manufacturer's recommended specifications. This procedure is necessary to maintain the stability and functionality of the dental implant, preventing potential complications and ensuring the longevity of the implant-supported restoration.

D6198 – Remove Interim Implant Component

Removed the interim implant component (e.g., interim abutment; provisional implant crown) from the patient's implant site. This component was placed for a specific clinical purpose and timeframe, and its removal is essential for progressing to the final restoration.

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D7298 – Removal of Temporary Anchorage Device [Screw Retained Plate], Requiring Flap

Removed a temporary anchorage device (screw retained plate) from the patient, which required creating a flap for access. This procedure is necessary for the successful completion of the orthodontic treatment plan and to prevent potential complications.

D7299 – Removal of Temporary Anchorage Device, Requiring Flap

Removed a temporary anchorage device from the patient, necessitating a flap for access. This procedure is essential for continuing the patient's orthodontic treatment and ensuring optimal results.

D7300 – Removal of Temporary Anchorage Device Without Flap

Removed a temporary anchorage device from the patient without the need for a flap. This less invasive procedure is crucial for progressing the orthodontic treatment and minimizing patient discomfort.

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D9912 – Pre-Visit Patient Screening

Conducted a pre-visit patient screening to document the patient’s health status and evaluate the risk of infectious disease transmission. This screening is essential to ensure the safety of the patient and dental staff before treatment, especially in light of current health guidelines.

D9938 – Fabrication of a Custom Removable Clear Plastic Temporary Aesthetic Appliance

Fabricated a custom removable clear plastic temporary aesthetic appliance for the patient to temporarily improve dental aesthetics while awaiting permanent restoration. This appliance is necessary to maintain the patient's appearance and oral function during the interim period.

D9939 – Placement of a Custom Removable Plastic Temporary Aesthetic Appliance

Placed a custom removable plastic temporary aesthetic appliance to enhance the patient's smile aesthetics temporarily while permanent treatments are prepared. This appliance is essential for maintaining the patient's appearance and comfort during the treatment process.

D9947 – Custom Sleep Apnea Appliance Fabrication and Placement

Fabricated and placed a custom sleep apnea appliance for the patient to address sleep apnea. This appliance is medically necessary to improve the patient's breathing during sleep, thereby enhancing overall health and quality of life.

D9948 – Adjustment of Custom Sleep Apnea Appliance

Performed adjustments on the patient’s custom sleep apnea appliance to ensure optimal fit and effectiveness. These

adjustments are critical to maintain the appliance's therapeutic benefits and improve patient comfort.

D9949 – Repair of Custom Sleep Apnea Appliance

Repaired the patient’s custom sleep apnea appliance to restore its functionality. This repair is necessary to ensure the appliance continues to provide effective treatment for sleep apnea, contributing to the patient's overall health and well-being.

D9954 – Fabrication and Delivery of Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) Morning Repositioning Device

Fabricated and delivered an OAT morning repositioning device to aid in proper jaw alignment after overnight OAT device use. This device is necessary to maintain jaw health and prevent temporomandibular joint disorders, ensuring the success of the overall treatment plan.

D9955 – Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) Titration Visit

Conducted an OAT titration visit to adjust the patient's OAT device for optimal fit and effectiveness in treating sleep apnea. These adjustments are essential for maximizing therapeutic benefits and improving patient comfort and compliance.

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