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Dentistry Support's Exclusive Interview by Time Doctor: Unveiling the Future of Healthcare

Dentistry Support

In a remarkable turn of events, Dentistry Support®, a prominent player in the healthcare industry, was recently hosted by Time Doctor, a pioneering productivity and time tracking software. During this exclusive live webinar, Dentistry Support® had the opportunity to share profound insights into the dynamic healthcare landscape, discuss the pivotal role of technology in reshaping the industry, and showcase the transformative impact of Time Doctor on its day-to-day operations.

This comprehensive blog post provides a detailed recap of Dentistry Support®'s interview by Time Doctor. It takes you through the key highlights of the interview, shedding light on the ever-evolving healthcare sector, the challenges faced by healthcare organizations, and how Time Doctor's cutting-edge features are revolutionizing the industry.

The Healthcare Industry Landscape: A Conversation with Sarah Beth Herman The webinar commenced with a warm welcome to Sarah Beth Herman, the CEO of Dentistry Support®. Her extensive experience and profound insights into the healthcare sector, especially in the dental field, set the stage for a thought-provoking discussion.

Current Healthcare Landscape and Future Trends Sarah Beth initiated the conversation by providing a detailed overview of the current healthcare landscape. She emphasized the significant shift towards remote support and virtual solutions, which marks a departure from traditional, in-person healthcare services. Virtual assistance has been gaining traction due to its effectiveness and convenience.

In the dental sphere, the transition to remote support has been particularly noteworthy. Telehealth and virtual consultations have become increasingly prevalent, allowing patients to access dental care and advice from the comfort of their homes. As the CEO of three healthcare companies, Sarah Beth highlighted the growing importance of technology-driven solutions in healthcare delivery.

Looking ahead, Sarah Beth painted a compelling picture of the future. She predicted an even greater reliance on virtual assistance in healthcare, driven by the demand for flexibility and accessibility. In a world characterized by rapid technological advancements, healthcare is no exception. The future promises a healthcare landscape where remote support and virtual solutions take center stage.

However, Sarah Beth also emphasized the need for increased accountability and safety in healthcare interactions. Patients and providers alike are seeking secure, compliant, and accountable ways to deliver and receive healthcare services. Compliance with evolving regulations and robust data security measures will be paramount to maintaining trust in the industry.

The Crucial Elements: Transparency, Accountability, and Data Security One of the central themes of the interview was the

critical importance of transparency, accountability, and data security in the healthcare and dental industries.

These elements form the foundation of Dentistry Support®'s approach to providing remote support, and Sarah Beth explained why they are non-negotiable.

Transparency: Sarah Beth underscored the significance of transparency as a means to clearly communicate their actions and build trust with clients. For remote support providers like Dentistry Support®, being transparent about tasks, processes, and team activities is essential. Transparency addresses the concerns clients may have about remote support and fosters confidence in the services provided.

Accountability: Dental practice owners need to be assured that remote support teams consistently and efficiently fulfill their responsibilities. Sarah Beth stressed their commitment to accountability, ensuring that Dentistry Support® not only meets but exceeds their clients' expectations. Accountability is the glue that binds strong client-provider partnerships.

Data Security: Given the sensitive nature of patient information in healthcare, data security is paramount. Sarah Beth emphasized that they have implemented robust data security measures to safeguard this information and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Data security not only protects their clients but also demonstrates their dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Challenges and Strategies for Growth Every business encounters challenges, and Sarah Beth candidly shared Dentistry Support®'s experiences in overcoming obstacles, particularly in terms of productivity and revenue growth.

Challenge: Productivity and Efficiency One central challenge they faced was the need to provide unequivocal proof of their work to dental office clients while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency to reduce costs. Their commitment to offering competitive pricing required them to optimize every aspect of their operations.

Strategy: "Unsolicited Accountability" To address this challenge, Dentistry Support® introduced the concept of "unsolicited accountability." They aimed to proactively provide clients with a level of transparency and confidence that exceeded their expectations. This approach eliminated any need for clients to be concerned about their activities.

Time Doctor: The Game-Changer A significant turning point in their journey was the integration of Time Doctor into their operations. Time Doctor's advanced features empowered Dentistry Support® in multiple ways:

- Real-Time Insights: Time Doctor provided real-time insights into how their remote teams allocated their time, enabling them to closely monitor tasks and track productivity.

- Data-Backed Evidence: With Time Doctor, Dentistry Support® could furnish clients with data-backed evidence of their activities. They could provide comprehensive reports and analytics showcasing specific tasks completed, time invested in each task, and the tangible impact on their clients' operations.This heightened level of transparency not only built trust but also empowered their clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their business processes. Time Doctor became a pivotal tool in their quest for accountability and efficiency.

Impact on Revenue Streams and Audit Assurance The implementation of Time Doctor had a profound impact on Dentistry Support®'s revenue streams and audit assurance processes.

- Revenue Streams: Before Time Doctor, their operational efficiency was in the range of 48% to 50%. Inefficient operations not only wasted time but also affected revenue streams as it hindered their ability to provide efficient services to dental offices. However, since integrating Time Doctor, their efficiency levels skyrocketed to an impressive 86% to 89%. This increase in efficiency had a direct and positive impact on their revenue streams, allowing them to offer more streamlined and cost-effective services to clients.

- Audit Assurance: In the highly regulated healthcare industry, accuracy and compliance are paramount, particularly in dental billing and insurance verification. Time Doctor's precise tracking and reporting capabilities enabled Dentistry Support® to gather and present evidence of eligibility verification almost foolproofly. Consequently, they achieved a remarkable shift in their success rate for approved and paid claims, with some clients experiencing an astounding 99% success rate.

Real-World Applications of Time Doctor The interview also covered specific use cases of Time Doctor within Dentistry Support® and the healthcare industry at large.

- Screencasts: Dentistry Support® utilized Time Doctor's Screencasts feature to document the eligibility verification process visually. These screencasts could be shared with insurance providers to strengthen the legitimacy of claims, reducing the likelihood of denials. The feature's flexibility allowed them to customize it to their specific needs, ensuring privacy concerns were addressed by blurring sensitive information.

- Web & App Usage: Time Doctor's Web & App Usage feature served as a valuable tool for identifying process inefficiencies and educational shortcomings among staff. It also functioned as an effective performance management resource, ensuring that healthcare professionals spent time in the right applications, maintaining efficiency, and compliance.

- Email Notifications: Dentistry Support® used Time Doctor's Email Notifications to stay ahead of potential concerns. This feature allowed them to schedule alerts for enhanced productivity monitoring, employee well-being, compliance, and customized alerts for specialized tasks. It was a powerful tool for ensuring efficiency and accountability.

- Work Schedules & Attendance Report: Dentistry Support® benefited from Time Doctor's Work Schedules & Attendance Report. This feature simplified scheduling, allowed tailored shift plans, and provided insightful reporting, crucial for maintaining productivity and employee health.

Dentistry Support®'s exclusive interview with Time Doctor unveiled a captivating narrative of innovation and transformation within the healthcare industry. This insightful discussion highlighted the current healthcare landscape, the pivotal role of technology, and the future trends that will shape the sector. We explored the crucial elements of transparency, accountability, and data security, which form the foundation of Dentistry Support®'s approach, along with the challenges faced and the ingenious strategies employed to drive growth. The integration of Time Doctor emerged as a game-changer, optimizing productivity, enhancing revenue streams, and bolstering audit assurance. With real-world applications that range from Screencasts to Web & App Usage tracking, Dentistry Support® showcased how Time Doctor is catalyzing healthcare innovation. As healthcare continues to evolve, Dentistry Support® and Time Doctor stand at the forefront, reshaping the industry and ensuring excellence in service delivery.


Dentistry Support


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